Getting several python kernels into JuPyter/IPython notebook using Anaconda

Posted on Fri 29 January 2016 in Notes

Notebook showing several available python kernels

To get Jupyter notebooks to use several different Python kernels using Anaconda, so the following from the commandline:

$ conda create -n py27 anaconda python=2.7 
$ source activate py27 
$ conda install notebook ipykernel
$ ipython kernel install

In the first line, the -n py27 sets the name of the new environment we create to py27. This is a handy name for a Python 2.7 environment. anaconda denotes the packages we want installed. The anaconda package contains all the scientific packages you'd expect (numpy, scipy, matplolib, sklearn, etc.) python=2.7 tells conda to create the environment with python version 2.7

The second line switches you to the new virtual environment.

Third and fourth line installs the kernel into IPython notebook.